Prof. Dr. Lena Kästner

Ogranized Events

June 2024
workshop on “AI Governance” at University of Bayreuth (with J. Thoma)

July 2023
summer school “Philosophy & Computer Science” at University of Bayreuth (with T. Speith, D. Buschek & O. Roy)

October 2022 — February 2023
lecture series “Explainable AI and Society” at University of Bayreuth (with L. Weiser)

July 2022
workshop “Intelligent Systems in Context” at University of Bayreuth (with C. Immler)

October 2021 — July 2022
lecture series “Explainable AI and Society” at Saarland University (with A. Schomäcker)

April 2021
workshop “Minds, Models and Mechanisms: Current Trends in Philosophy of Psychiatry” at Saarland University (with R. Cubisino)

October 2019
workshop “Issues in XAI: Black Boxes, Recommendations, and Levels of Explanation” at Saarland University (with E. Schmidt and K. Baum)
first workshop in a joint series with R. Nyrup (Cambridge) and J. Duran (Delft)

November 2018
workshop “Investigating the Mind: Pain, Emotion & Affective Disorders” with Prof. Colin Klein (ANU), Prof. Valerie Hardcastle (Cincinnati) and Prof. Henrik Walter (Charité Berlin) at Ruhr-University Bochum (with S. Coninx and A. Newen)

April 2017
workshop “Causation in Psychiatry” with Prof. John Campbell (Berkeley) at Berlin School of Mind and Brain

December 2015
workshop “Patterns in Science” with Prof. Carl Craver (St. Louis) at Berlin School of Mind and Brain

June 2015
KOSMOS Dialogue “Inference, Explanation & Prediction in the Mind/Brain Sciences” with Prof. Edourd Machery (Pittsburgh) at Berlin School of Mind and Brain

March 2015
student workshop on “Predictive Coding”
joint event of Berlin School of Mind and Brain and LMU Munich in Venice (with M. Klincewicz)

March 2011
“Rudolf Carnap Lectures 2011” with Prof. Tim Crane (Cambridge) and Prof. Katalin Farkas (Budapest) at Ruhr-University Bochum (with A. Newen)

April 2009
graduate conference “CoxiMAP I – Mind, Action, Perception” with Prof. Jesse Prinz (Chapel Hill) at University of Osnabrück (with S. Walter)