Prof. Dr. Lena Kästner

Selected Talks & Posters

invited talks

Jul 2024 “What XAI can Learn from Philosophy of Science” Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
May 2024 “Moderne KI-Systeme in der Gesellschaft: Chancen, Risiken und Nebenwirkungen” [Modern AI-Systems in Society: Chances, Risks and Side-effects] Tagung der Freien Akademie, Schloss Schney, Germany
Apr 2024 “What is Artificial Intelligence?” Münchenwiler Seminar, University of Bern, Switzerland
Mar 2024 “Navigating Towards Trustworthy AI” International Congress on Biophotonics (ICOB24), Jena, Germany
Feb 2024 “Opacity as a Stepping Stone” Workshop: Epistemological Issues of Machine Learning in Science, Dortmund, Germany
Feb 2024 “AI in Society: On Trustworthiness, Fairness and Explainability” Weizenbaum Institut, Berlin, Germany
Dec 2023 “The Weal and Woe of Black Box Systems” Lingnan-Cambridge Workshop on AI in Science, Cambridge University, UK
Nov 2023 “What Explainable AI can Learn from Philosophy of Science” CamPoS talk series, Cambridge University, UK
Sep 2023 Keynote: “To trust or not to trust? – On Challenges for AI in Modern Society” Requirements Engineering for Explainable Systems (RE4ES), Hannover, Germany
Jul 2023 “Machine Learning & Neuroscience: A Complex Relation” University of Ulm, Germany
Jul 2023 “Wunderpille KI? Zu Chancen, Risiken und Nebenwirkungen” [Magic Pill AI? Chances, Risks, and Side Effects]
Wissenschaftstag 2023,

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

May 2023 “Machine Learning & Scientific Discovery” Bielefeld University, Germany
Apr 2023 “ADM-Systeme in der modernen Gesellschaft: ihr Potenzial und ihre Grenzen” [Automated Decision-Making Systems in Modern Society: Potentials and Pitfalls] Bayerischen Landeszentrale für neue Medien (BLM) and Münchener Institut für Urheber- und Medienrecht (IUM), Munich, Germany
Feb 2023 “For Better or Worse? AI in Modern Society: The Case of ChatGTP” International Legal Informatics Symposium (IRIS), Salzburg, Austria
Feb 2023 “Gedanken aus der Philosophie: Ist KI im Gerichtssaal vertretbar?” [Thoughts from Philosophy: Is AI in the Courtroom Justifiable?] (with Ulla Wessels) International Legal Informatics Symposium (IRIS), Salzburg, Austria
Jan 2023 “Explaining AI Through the Scientific Perspective” RWTH Aachen/ HLRS Stuttgart, Germany
Oct 2022 “Blackbox AI: How to Discover What’s Happening Inside” GeSiMeX Workshop: Model-Development in Neuroscience: Generalizability and Simplicity in Mechanistic Explanations, Berlin, Germany
Oct 2022 “Introducing the XiC (Explainability in Context) Framework” (with Markus Langer) Herrenhausen Conference on AI and the Future of Society, Hannover, Germany
Oct 2022 Keynote: “Discovering the Inside of the Blackbox” Conference: Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies, CORPUS Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands
Apr 2022 Keynote “On Modeling Psychopathology: Eight Challenges and How to Meet Them” Workshop: Foundations and Applications of AI: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Peking University, Beijing, China
Mar 2022 “Modelling Mental Illnesses: Multiplexes to Rescue?” Lugano/Milan Series on the Foundations and Ethics of AI, IDSIA Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Lugano, Italy
Jan 2022 “Mechanisms and Scientific Pursuit” Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich, Germany
Nov 2021 “Grasping Psychopathology: On Complex and Computational Models” Summer School: Machine Learnings meets Philosophy of Science, Tübingen, Germany
Jul 2021 Keynote “Mysterious Multiplexes” Workshop: ECR Workshop in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, Bochum, Germany
May 2021 “The Promises of XAI: Understanding, Explanation and Discovery” (with Timo Speith) Workshop: Current Issues in XAI #2: Understanding and Explaining in Healthcare, Cambridge, UK
May 2021 “XAI in Context: Glassboxing vs. Interpretability Methods” Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Apr 2021 Keynote “What is the Epistemology of XAI?” Workshop: Explainable medical AI: Ethics, Epistemology, and Formal Methods, Lorentz Center Leiden, Netherlands
Feb 2021 “Perspicuous Computing“ (with Holger Hermanns, Bernd Finkbeiner, Christof Fetzer, Raimund Dachselt, and Rupak Majumdar) Session at Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE) 2021, online
Jan 2021 “Mechanisms and Interventions” Cognition Academy at the Max Planck School of Cognition, Berlin, Germany
Dec 2020 “Modelling Psychopathology: When Correlation Waggles Its Eyebrows” Research Colloquium in Philosophy of Cognition, TU Berlin, Germany
Oct 2020 “Causal Modelling and Computational Models” Department of Philosophy, University of Bern, Switzerland
May 2020 “Explaining, Modelling, and Merely Interacting” Workshop: Philosophy of Psychiatry and Extrospection, Berlin, Germany
Feb 2020 “Representing Psychopathology” Workshop: Representations in Cognitive Science, Bochum, Germany
Nov 2019 “Phänomene erklären, Mechanismen entdecken” [Explaining Phenomena, Discovering Mechanisms] Department of Philosophy, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Nov 2019 “Approaching Mental Disorders: Mechanisms, Predictions, or Networks?” NIAS-Lorentz workshop: What is Translation,
Leiden, Netherlands
Oct 2019 “How to Model the Mind and its Relation to the World” Distinguished Speakers Colloquium, SFB1102 Information Density and Lunguistic Encoding, Saarland University, Germany
Jul 2019 “How Can We Make Sense of Explainable Intelligent Systems?” Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, Cambridge, UK
Jun 2019 “Modelling Mental Disorders: Cognitive, Causal, Both or Neither” Modelling Workshop, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
May 2019  “Identifying Causes in Psychiatry” Philosophy Department, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jan 2019 “Mechanism Discovery: What Does It Take?” Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
Dec 2018 “Mechanism Discovery and Pattern Recognition” Real Patterns Workshop, University of Barcelona, Spain
Jul 2018  “Network Models in Psychiatry: Same but Different?” Morris Colloquium: The Self and Its Realizations, Boulder, CO
Apr 2018 “Mechanistic Inquiry: From Intervention to Explanation?” Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany
Jul 2017 “Predictive Processing: A Theory of Every Thing?” ISHPSSB symposium “Philosophy of Neuroscience”, ISHPSSB , São Paulo, Brazil
Jun 2017  “Levels as Epistemic Perspectives” University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Feb 2016  “Mechanism Trinity” Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
Sept 2015 “Patterns and Interlevel Explanations” workshop: Hempel & Beyond, Universität zu Köln, Germany
Jul 2015  “Mapping the Experimental Landscape” workshop: Explanations of Cognition, University of Stirling, UK
Jul 2015 “Causation, Manipulation & Explanation” University of Magdeburg, Germany
May 2015  “Concepts of Cognition From William James to Predictive Coding” workshop: Pragmatism and Cognitive Science, Koblenz, Germany
Apr 2015  “There and Back Again: Predictive Coding As a New View on Cognition?” Aarhus University, Denmark
Jun 2014 “Levels as Perspectives” workshop: Realizability and the Levels of Reality, IHPST, Paris, France
Jan 2014  “Materials & Methods: On Finding Scientific Explanations” workshop: Causality in the Biological Sciences: Workshop with Ken Waters, Köln, Germany
Aug 2013 “Beyond Mutual Manipulation” Research Colloquium, Universität zu Köln, Germany
Jul 2013 commentary on Karen Neander’s “Locating Content in Science” workshop: The Natural and the Normative, Fribourg, Switzerland
Jul 2012  “Demystifying Constitutive Relevance” (with Beate Krickel) workshop: The Metaphysics of Mind: Realization, Mechanisms, and Embodiment, Berlin, Germany
Jul 2011 “Top-down Experiments & Downward Causation” workshop: Levels and Causation in Neuroscience, Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg, Delmenhorst, Germany
Jan 2011 “’What’ & ‘How’/’Where’ in the Signing Brain” HEAD Seminar Series, Linköping, Sweden

conference activities

Sep 2023 organized symposium: “Explainable AI in Scientific Research”
talk: “Deep Learning in Neuroscience: Overcoming the Trade-off Between Predictive Accuracy and Intelligibility“ (with Barnaby Crook)
other contributors: E. Ratti, A. Facchini, A. Termine, P. Verreault- Julien, C. Zednik, H. Greif
European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA), Belgrade, Serbia
Sep 2022 talk: “Discovering Emergent Structure in AI Systems“ (with Barnaby Crook) GAP.11, International Congress of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy, Berlin, Germany
Aug 2022 paper: “Multiplexes: New Directions for Computational Psychiatry?“ International Congress German Society for Philosophy of Science (GWP), Berlin, Germany
Sep 2019 organized interdisciplinary panel: “Explainable Intelligent Systems and the Trustworthiness of Artificial Experts“
paper: “What Kind of Explanation Shall Artificial Experts Provide?”
other penalists: K. Baum, T. Speith, E. Schmidt, D. Oster, A. Sesing, M. Langer
European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP), Athens, Greece
Sep 2019 organized symposium: “Explanation in Psychiatry: From Pluralism to
Integration – and Back Again?”
paper: “Network models and their Variables”
other contributors: M. Colombo, M. Eronen, J. Lenssen
European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA), Geneva, Switzerland
Jul 2019 organized panel: “What’s New in ‘The New Mechanical Philosophy’? – Book Symposium with Stuart Glennan”
other panelists: C. Craver, S. Glennan, B. Krickel, D. van Eck, B. Radomski
ISHPSSB 2019, Oslo, Norway
Nov 2018 paper: “Identifying Causes in Psychiatry” 26th Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, Seattle, WA, USA
Sep 2018 talk: “Network Explanations in Psychiatry: Interventions and Causal Relations?” Causality in the Neuro- and Psychological Sciences (CiNaPS), Antwerp, Belgium
Sep 2018 talk: “Discovering Patterns: On the Norms of Mechanistic Inquiry”
(with Philipp Haueis)
GAP.10, International Congress of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy, Köln, Germany
Jun 2016 talk: “Causal Mechanisms – Not the One and Only” Causality in the Sciences of the Mind and Brain, Aarhus, Denmark
Sep 2015 talk: “Building Powerful Explanations: Mechanisms vs. Difference-Making” (with Beate Krickel) European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA), Düsseldorf, Germany
Oct 2014 paper: “The Power of Non-Interventions” Neurons, Mechanisms, and the Mind: The History and Philosophy of Cognitive Neuroscience, Boulder, CO, USA
Aug 2013 organized symposium: “Constitutive Relevance”
paper: “Mutual Manipulation Isn’t the Full Story”
European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA), Helsinki, Finland
Jun 2013 paper: “Mechanistic Explanation & Interlevel Manipulation”, commentary by John Bickle Society for Philosophy and Psychology (SPP), Providence, RI, USA
Dec 2011 talk: “Phonological Processing Across Modalities: Evidence from Sign Language” Sensory-motor Concepts in Language and Cognition, Düsseldorf, Germany
Oct 2011 paper: “Interventionism Cannot Cross” European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA), Athens, Greece
Jun 2011 paper: “Mechanistic Explanation and Interventionism: An Untruthful Marriage” Models and Mechanisms in Cognitive Science, Edinburgh, UK
May 2011 paper: “One to Rule Them All? Situated Cognition, Dynamical Systems Theory, and the Systematicity Challenge” (with Leon de Bruin) Systematicity and the post-connectionist era: Taking stock of the architecture of cognition, San José, Spain


Feb 2024 “What is AI Ethics Anyway?”
(authors: T. Helfer, L. Deck, L. Kästner, K. Miyahara, A. Schomäcker, T. Speith, H. Zhang)
Bayreuth Lab for Digital Science Day, University of Bayreuth
Feb 2023 “Explainable Intelligent Systems (EIS)”
(authors: K. Baum, G. Borges, H. Hermanns, L. Kästner, C. König, M. Langer, U. Wessels)
Bayreuth Lab for Digital Science Day, University of Bayreuth
Nov 2019 “Explainable Intelligent Systems (EIS)”
(authors: K. Baum, G. Borges, H. Hermanns, L. Kästner, C. König, M. Langer, U. Wessels)
VW Kickoff Symposium: AI and the Society of the Future
Jun 2016 “Epistemology of Neuroscience – An Interdisciplinary Master’s Class” Best Practice Forum, Berlin Center for Higher Education Teaching
Jun 2014

“Manipulation without Intervention”

Society for Philosophy and Psychology (SPP), Vancouver, Canada

Nov 2011

“Signs that violate phonological rules differentially activate parietal areas in deaf native signers” (authors: V. Cardin, E. Orfanidou, L. Kästner, C.M. Capek, J. Rönnberg, B. Woll, M. Rudner)

Society for the Neurobiology of Language, Annapolis, Maryland